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Valentine’s Day

Valentines Consultant? Right i don’t get much on valentines… “Sigh!” I’ve never gotten anything on valentines hehe but for some reason I became a valentines consultant for the day for the guys at work. 3 days ago i reminded them “guys if you wanna do anything special nows the time to plan something”. They pondered and thought and in the end they thought forget it.

However come 14th of Feb they came to me asking me MohsinÃ¥ where can i get flowers where can i get a card, should i take her out for dinner etc etc etc I was like whoa whoa! oh ok now you want to do something last minute i swear! So i took the guys out we went looking for flowers, couldn’t find any (hellO 14th Feb) we found some roses at a gas station of all places! I was drafted as a wine consultant too, they were asking me should whether they should get a red wine or a white wine, how should i know! I’m muslim guys! We stood there for a while and then I recommended a chardonnay and said it’d be prefect it has the poignant fruity taste. They turned to me and said how the hell do you know that! Long story… long story… Right now a card we spent some time on this one but found some nice ones. One of the guys was asking “mohsin you gotta help me write something on this card” we were gonna nick one of the lines from the another card we saw but when we sat in the car we completely forgot it. So the guy was pleading with me and i thought long and hard for a few minutes and came up with this!

“Love is like a rose blooming. It’s like looking into your eyes. Our souls will never be apart. I love you always. Will you be my valentine!”

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Mohsin