Water Fun

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Well I’ve made a huge mess now. Everything’s out of the drawers and I’ve got to put them all back now…

I was talking to usman rather telling him off for being an idiot! Which he was being… he was asking me really stupid questions or I dunno I can’t even remember now why he’s being an idiot! I was telling him off and filling up my water bottle at the same time, it’s one of those big water bottles and it reached all the way nicely to the spout of the tap and I was telling him off while it was filling up. I hadn’t realized how fast it was filling up while I was telling him off and then all of a sudden it just blew. Water shot every which way and really high too it ended up on the ceiling. I quickly turned off the tap and couldn’t stop laughing. I looked at my brother and he couldn’t stop laughing. Water was everywhere and it was not funny when I was cleaning it up, but just goes to show pay attention to what you’re doing while you’re having a go at someone :)