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Wendy, Lisa & Tina

wendy-and-lisa-wfowc-front-coverJust bought Wendy & Lisa’s latest album after previewing most of their tracks on their site and was pleasantly surprised. I overheard them being played on Imran’s macbook and immediatley asked him who they were . Former Prince vocalists from the 80’s and 90’s i was completely blown away by this album subtle tones and soft melodies. I was told it was a departure from their old records and after listening to a few of their old ones which i thought were very ‘Prince Like’ but still very enjoyable in my opinion.

The tracks i like so far are Balloon, Invisible, You and I, and Sweet Suite (Beginning at the End).

I just have to mention the lyrics to the beginning of ‘You and I

tina-dicoSun kills the moon,
the moon starts to cry
the rivers fight
the oceans
the oceans rage at night
and you and I
running out of time…

Wendy & Lisa remind me of someone I’ve heard before and after listening to the album throughout the morning and afternoon I suddenly realised who and called up Tina Dico’s album ‘In The Red‘ another record that needs a review. It has very subtle tones and really soft comfotable music that you could just curl up to, possibly with a cup of a hot chooclate in hand on a cold winters day. A must listen if you like this type of music. I’d recommend Long Coodbye and Nobody’s Home from Tina’s ‘In The Red’ ablum

Take a listen and enjoy :)


Forgot to mention Tina Dico’s ‘Room With a View‘ what a song! [live]