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I’m at Where 2.0

I can’t believe I’m actually in California! I shouldn’t be here! It’s such a beautiful, beautiful place! I thrive in this weather! Reminds me of my days growing up in Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I’m extremely, extremely grateful for this opportunity and have a so many people to thank for, believing in me, helping me get here and giving me the confidence. (Imran, Linda, my university and my Dad to name a few) :)

Handing in my final assignment before flying out here this is beyond my wildest dreams for any (to be) graduate. If you has asked me a year ago that I would be where I am now i would not have believed you and refer you to something you perhaps smoked earlier during the day.

I’ll be at Where and in San Jose till the 22nd Please come and say hi, i will be presenting at the Where Fair at 7:00pm in the Market Street Foyer at the Fairmont Hotel. :)