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Ok it’s been I while I know… apologies for that… I’ve been so busy, and I mean really busy, and I haven’t connected my computer to the net yet at work (boss got mad and pulled out all the patch port cables that connect all the cables throughout the office.) hehe

I’m going home today finally (and today is half day yipee)… so I thought I’d wirte a bit before I go back

Alright so how did my itinerary go…Well not quite to plan actually as I thought, I guess the worst thing was I went to Sheffield only did a third of what needed to be done.

But the London thing is great… well it’s Slough actually… and I’m still here. There was a mix up on how long I was gonna stay I thought I was gonna go home on Monday but they wanted me to stay until Thrusday and do a few projects… I was given a choice and they didn’t really matter either way… so I decided to stay and I’m glad I did. Although I only had what I was wearing and all my clothes are pretty dirty by now (I only brought enough for the weekend you see). Should’ve gone out and bought some more but never had the time.

So who am I working for? Kayani Systems it’s only 2 years old and I’m working pretty much in every role but mainly as a developer (guy who does most of the coding, website management and coding. server building etc)… HOW COOL IS THAT!!! You’re probably thinking how sad is that… but yup it gives me something to do and good experience too!

I went to Sheffield to sort out a few things that didn’t happen because the accommodation office was closed. I met up with my good friend Laiq in Sheffield and we went down to Nottingham together (that’s where he lives) and it’s his brother who runs this company and well that’s how I got In really.

I mean they’re a 2 year old company. And when they went around trying to get a loan from the banks to start up I think. A lot of the banks said no they wouldn’t give them any money. Because they said that at the end of a year they’d make 250,000 turnover. Well they snubbed the banks on that one they instead made a turnover of something like 360,000 in their first year. And get this they made in their 2nd year a turnover of 1.5 million! Whoa I thought!

A few mornings ago I was really kicking myself in the head this morning for not waking up for fajr. It really ticks me off when I can’t do that and when you do it so many times the days before. The devil gets you sometimes and he gets you good! It really pisses me off… I just ask Allah for forgiveness and move on, also getting to bed earlier would help too :)

The working environment is well pretty rude. I guess they’re all like that lot of swearing and sexual innuendos and jokes like "Big Tits Sophie" and "How’s the python Johnny". It’s like being back at school. But I guess it’s all fun and games. Though a bit too much swearing for my liking. I remember when I use to swear a lot my every other word was f this and f that but thank God it was just a phase. But now that you know people do it around you your mind thinks that it’s ok when it isn’t. Alhumdulliah I have the restraint from God and I have the power not to take the easy route but I guess that’s just the way I am.

So the learning curve here is steep! I’ve learned so much. At the moment I’ve got loads of tasks to do. One being to get OPK install working. That’s a toughie. But it’s going alright. OPK install is like when you by a brand new pc and when you get is you turn it on and it installs is self. I’m trying to get the factory mode done. So when you build pcs you don’t have to install xp on them every time like they’re doing at the moment. So it’s interesting but tough but interesting. I like a good challenge and meeting new people so it’s all good. I know my brother is glad I’m outta the house and outta his way. Don’t know what he’s doing at the moment. I should phone him….


I’m having a great time

I miss all my friends and family who are home now and probably having a great time. I wish I was home. But this is the way things go I guess. I’m in Slough now and it’s really getting cold! 0 and -1 degrees. But things are looking up now and now I’ve got this job and it’s great fun and I’m learning loads of stuff.

I’m trying to get the internet sorted so I can update my blog more often now. And I haven’t been online in ages sorry about that. I keep telling people I’m online all the time and now when I’m offline people are gonna think… huh?

I’m spending most of my time in this room at the moment. It’s a really nice room probably the best in the building in my opinion…

Oh my GOD I just got OPK to work! I feel really great… you know when you get something to work and you’ve been trying so hard and it finally works I feel really happy! Sorry I just put this in I’m kind writing this as I go a long through installations and restarts when I’ve got sometimes. I was doing it while the boss was in here too that I don’t think I should be doing but once I get internet then everything should be alright.