Y: The Last Man

I finished the Y: The Last Man Series the other day, all ten volumes. and I thought I’d write a few comments about what I read and what I thought of it.

First off it’s a really good story. A set of ten volumes that get you hooked from the first. The art is amazing and it was written really well. A contrast from all the Alan Moore comics I’ve been reading.


One of things I was most disappointed about was the way and the reason behind agent “355’s” death and her role as a whole. Was she the reason behind why all the men died, was she hiding something? I feel maybe these questions were left unanswered. The way that “355” and “Yorick” (the last man) interact with each other and the build up that ensued till the last moment was not at all what imagined. Maybe I’m a sucker for the Hollywood stuff. The way in which “355” and “Yorick” just took off with out really reporting back to Washington, which was a bit unclear.

But I think with the series as a whole you could never tell which way the story was gonna go. It wasn’t predictable at all.

I think the whole series rested on the last volume’s conclusion of characters and story lines and I don’t think it lived up to what I was expecting after enduring all the volumes and the rollercoaster journey all the characters take. However I felt the ending was rushed upon us to wrap up the volumes at ten. But I also very much liked the open-ended conclusion which perhaps could lead to something further in the pipeline. Who knows?

I could go on and nit-pick through all the bits that I didn’t like or which I felt didn’t sit well with me. But I’m not going too. I really enjoyed this series and I would recommend anyone to go buy it if not the whole series at least the first volume. It is as good as the critics say and it deserves all the acclaim.

Please download it the publishes have first issues you can download for free.