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YogawomanIt’s official… I’ve started something which I never
thought I would, Yoga. I thought it was such a feminine thing and that well I
always thought it seemed very girly. Boy was I mistaken. I found one of my
mom’s books lying around and it’s really something. I just did a few moved to
strengthen my back and legs for a couple of days and I couldn’t believe the results.
It was as if I’d been jogging for a month my back was so strong that I could
sit up right instead of slouching which I hadn’t been able to do since I jogged
regularly a few years ago. I also became so flexible I can put my leg over my
head when I’m all loosened up. Just sitting there doing a few moves for half an
hour to an hour you wouldn’t believe how much you sweat and how much concentration
you need for things which seem so simple. It’s really quite something. I would
urge anyone to try at least once you will be amazed.