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I was in a outlet mall called Mcarthurglen in York on the Sunday. I was watching these little kids in they’re prams. And each one as they passed me as I was sitting on the bench looked at me in awe and with such big eyes and I couldn’t help but looking back and making a face. A little kids always ended up asking me questions or saying something.

I was in Asda once and this little girls mother was propping her up with one arm while she was looking at some product on the shelf. The little girl waved and said “Hello” I was taken a back, I replied with a courteous wave and said “Hi”. We later met again when we were checking out, and she couldn’t stop looking at me. I looked back made a face then looked away again, she liked it and I kept on doing it until she left. Aww she was so cute. It’s wonderful though. I’ll never forget that ever…

There was this other time I was sitting on a bench in Valley Gardens in Harrogate, chatting with my mom. When we saw this little girl all dressed up in her winter gear with her scarf and long coat with her mother. My mom and I just looked at her while we were talking away and after a bit we stopped talking as she passed us on the bench. Her mother saw she was going the wrong way and was calling her back. The little girl looked up at me and said to her mum… “he’s very beautiful mummy” her mother corrected her “no honey you mean handsome, he’s a handsome man” my mom sitting next to me just lit up and laughed a bit. I didn’t know quite what to say to that. I didn’t really quite catch it or I think it took a while to seep in my mom had to remind me what she said exactly when their backs were turned and they were walking away form us. Even thinking about that now I just can’t help to smile it makes me feel all fuzzy inside and my eyes go a bit watery. I’ll cherish that for as long as I live.

Sometimes it forces one to ask the question why people refuse to bring children into this world. There are so many bad things that happen to yourself and what’s going on in the world right now, why would anyone ever think of bringing a child into this life. For me, what I describe would be one of the many reasons I hold, why I would.

May God Bless the children of this Universe, may we cherish the memories of them and let their happiness and innocence be with us always until the end of time :)