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I was reminded recently by people who are touched by angels.

Surprisingly I guess they’re are almost like angels. Two individuals who can compleltey change the dynamic of a room when they enter, and leaving something behind for each individual that is so personal to each of them. As if a mark is left on the soul that something pure has entered it. The soul beomes content and familiar in a way when one becomes grounded like after a deep mediation or thoughtful prayer. They’re presence is like that of a peaceful warrior, all that they embody is happiness, good, joy and hope to something which seems so lost and desperate. Bringing darkness to light. Some see them as men who shine brighter than others.

Welcome the Warriors of Light

Yusuf Estes          Yusuf Islam



Both in there unique way having a profound impact the islam in the modern world, and have interesting stories to tell.

I often wonder what it would be like if the Prohphets of old were among us now. How they’re righteous deeds and miricals would rid the land of tirany and evil. But from what i’ve seen and read of these two individuals I guess in a way they’ve achieved something kinda profound in a prophet like way… as if they’ve discovered something from islam that true men will always strive for.